Digital Transformation is the profound transformation of organisations, from processes and information flows to business models, in order to fully seize the opportunities offered by new technologies and new media and communication channels. The Digital Transformation process involves the integration of digital technologies into all aspects of the business and involves substantial changes in technology, culture, operations and value generation. In order to make the most of emerging technologies, companies must reinvent themselves by radically transforming all their models and processes.


CPL CONCORDIA launched a major internal Digital Transformation project, automating processes through the creation of cross-functional teams guided by a goal-oriented approach. Due to the success of the project, our Agile Management Office can offer you advice on how to start a Company Digitalisation process


Our team can support organisations interested in embarking on the journey towards Digital Transformation, providing the necessary tools to follow the Digitalisation process, which includes clearly defined phases:

• Process Identification: identification of processes that are highly critical for the company, basing the survey on ICE and Business Value criteria;

• Pilot Projects: definition of Pilot Projects, identified in limited areas, with clear, limited and possibly measurable objectives;

• Team Definition: establishment of cross-functional, highly autonomous teams, aligned with the project objectives and equipped with all the necessary skills to achieve them;

• AS-IS analysis: definition of the current status of a business process, the starting point for its Digitisation;

• TO-BE definition: determination of the possible process outcome, the technologies that will support it and the output in terms of data;

• Constant Monitoring: monitoring the status of the project on a weekly basis through short meetings (15 to 30 minutes), identifying issues early and checking progress.

• Periodic Review: evaluation of progress, identification of strengths and mistakes.


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