Procedures for correctly completing e-Invoices and sending Courtesy Invoices

In addition to the compulsory information set out in Art. 21 of Italian Presidential Decree 633/1972 and the additional elements indicated in the technical specifications provided by the Revenue Agency, we ask you to include the following data in the xml format, which are essential for the management of the company’s payables process.
The correct compilation of the file will allow us to be more timely in the management of flows and, consequently, in the registration and payment of invoices.

Here are some guidelines for compiling the xml format:

  • any accompanying documents useful for e-Invoicing, such as courtesy invoices, must be attached to the xml file and not sent via pec certified email. Only where this is not possible, these documents can be sent to the following address
  • we would also like to point out that we are not able to manage invoices from different tax regimes (reverse charge and VAT), so we kindly ask you to issue separate invoices for the two types.

CPL CONCORDIA’s Electronic Invoicing Data

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