Every day we all perform a number of daily activities and actions, including connecting with those far away from us.
All these are made possible thanks to the work of CPL CONCORDIA.


Fibre optics is a data transmission technology that allows high speeds when surfing the web. It is one of the most advanced technologies available for internet connections at home or in the office.

CPL CONCORDIA, thanks to its high level of technological and digital expertise, has developed over time a proven know-how that enabled it to start substantial fibre network laying works for major Italian cities in 2018.


We put our hearts into it, especially at the moment, so you can stay connected even when you are far apart!


When energy consumption is reduced by improving resource management and using various technologies, it is possible to achieve direct cost savings and protect the environment. When implemented appropriately, Energy Management activities offer customers tangible economic benefits. As an ESCo (Energy Service Company), CPL shares with its Stakeholders the benefits generated by the efficiency produced and allows the validation of savings including by obtaining Energy Efficiency Certificates, checking over time the real energy and economic benefits and savings trends. In addition, the service offered includes the identification of optimal financial instruments for the implementation of efficiency measures.


You can video call whoever you want… we’ll take care of managing your energy loads!

CPL CONCORDIA, with its innovative products, services and solutions, is at the side of each and every one of us to make simple everyday tasks possible, such as cooling down when the weather is hotting up.


Co-generation is an efficient energy production technique with a low environmental impact. Its unique features make it a state-of-the-art technology in the energy sector, thanks to a combined system that generates electricity and heat at the same time.

With tri-generation, thanks to the use of an absorption chiller unit designed to use hot or superheated water as a primary energy source, cooling requirements can also be met. The chilled water can be used for air conditioning during the summer in commercial, residential and industrial systems.


Too many activities and processes to stay cool and survive climate change? Don’t worry… we’ll take care of everything!


Every business needs energy for its operations and energy bills have always been a significant cost factor. Investments in energy efficiency and proper resource management are the most effective means of containing the high economic and environmental costs of energy use.

CPL CONCORDIA invests in the research and development of solutions, applications and services capable of meeting the energy saving and efficiency needs of companies, offering a customised Energy Management service, with a clear definition of the company’s saving and improvement objectives. CPL is also fully responsible for the design, implementation and management of the improvement measures, which can be integrated with high-efficiency co-generation, photovoltaic and indoor and outdoor lighting systems with full respect for the environment.


Are you interested in finding out about the impact of your air conditioner on our environment? Contact us and we’ll answer all your questions!


Thanks to District heating hot or overheated water or steam can be distributed over a network of buried or insulated piping. This remote heat transport for heating, cooling and domestic hot water is a practical, safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to manage the air conditioning of residential or business buildings.

The system consists of one or more remote energy sources and all equipment is controlled and operated through a computerised management system. This solution makes it possible to simultaneously reduce operating costs and hazard points and to access a versatile and targeted use of fuel.


Innovative solutions to prevent climate change… and fight it!


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CPL CONCORDIA is the energy that improves life… if you don’t see it, it’s because it’s there!