04 June 2020 – EXPIRED

with Matteo Fini Junior Consultant at CPL CONCORDIA 


Average Annual Power: Res. 272/2019/R/eel

  • Annual Average Power and Load management contract management;
  • Electrical Pre-Check Update;
  • Impacts on Switch requests.


2G Smart Metering: Res. 479/2019/R/eel

  • Technical Data Information Service;
  • Extension of the obligations under res. 700 and SMIS;
  • The new types of offers and configuration of 2G meters.



10 June 2020 –  EXPIRED

with Elisa Cavana, Laura Castaldini, Marzia Verri and Samanta Golinelli CPL CONCORDIA 


The Indemnity System for the Delinquent End Customers – Res. 593/2017/R/com annex A

  • General Aspects of the Indemnity System;
  • Calculation of the Indemnity;
  • Operation of the Indemnity System – Claims and Cancellations;
  • Information Obligations and Monitoring;
  • CMOR: CPL’s solution for the management of the Indemnity System.



17 June 2020 – EXPIRED

with Marco Gilioli Senior Consultant at CPL CONCORDIA 


Settlement Gas Reforms and update: Res. 148/2019/R/gas

  • Update on Tisg Data Transmission


Update of UdB-PdR report and activation of Default Transport: Res. 155/2019/R/gas

  • ABG process management;
  • DTG2 reception and market consequences following Default Transport activation.


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