Host: Chiara Mantovani Senior Consultant CPL CONCORDIA





The new identity of the software developed by CPL CONCORDIA for managing all the typical activities of a company dealing with the

gas distribution: developments, functionalities, interconnections and new intermediaries.


Emanuele Malavasi Head of Business Software CPL CONCORDIA

DiNETWORK: our Roadmap

The evolution of Microsoft Business Central and how CPL is preparing for an update of its Suites: WIP & finished activities.


Giuseppe Filocamo PM & Giampiero Venturini Owner iDigital3

DiNETWORK on the outside 

MyGate, AtoA, Iwrapper, MDM: the Software interconnections with the outside world.


Stefano Tondelli PM CPL CONCORDIA

Our Contact Centre

Emergency Service: the evolution of a top quality integrated service for call handling with the security and peace of mind of a reliable and consolidated system.


Matteo Fini Senior Consultant CPL CONCORDIA

Regulatory Compliance Update

How Res. 222/2020/R/gas impacts on the management of the Gas Settlement & Res. 271/2019/R/gas: the new measurement records.


Stefano Tondelli PM CPL CONCORDIA

ESAC Software

NB-IoT: the technological impetus for remote meter reading and remote management of the ESAC software.

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