• because providing innovative energy systems, technologies and services, developing efficiency, safety and the use of alternative energy allows us to improve people’s lives and leave a cleaner footprint for future generations;
  • because continuous improvement in services to public and private customers and the path to a CPL 4.0 have deep roots in a history that is almost 123 years old.
  • at CPL, your ideas and your ingenuity are important;
  • the use of skill assessment tools, professional mobility across different roles and the implementation of technical and managerial training courses provide opportunities for further development to those who work with us;
  • at CPL, attention to people and their well-being also involves the implementation of corporate welfare systems, flexible working time and part-time policies to balance the rhythms of life and work, especially for women.

The staff of CPL CONCORDIA, as of 31.12.2021, consists of 1,476 employees.


In line with its Code of Ethics, CPL CONCORDIA guarantees that candidates are evaluated based on non-discriminatory parameters. In the recruitment process, candidates are shortlisted based on expertise and on the professional skills acquired during their careers. Where appropriate, candidates from the local area and communities are preferred, in line with the Cooperative’s mission.

A brief description of the selection process

  1. how do we evaluate CVs? CVs are screened for several requirements that are expected to conform to corporate mission. At this stage, a candidate’s level of experience may make a difference;
  2. Shortlisted candidates are contacted by telephone initially to get to know them better;
  3. Technical Interview: depending on the outcome of the phone conversation, candidates are invited for an interview to enable the managers of the affected department to better evaluate their qualifications and skills;
  4. if all previous steps have a positive outcome, the Human Resources Department will contact and formally hire the candidate.

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Certifications and accreditations