Whistleblowing: reports of violations of the Organizational Model

The Whistleblowing institute offers protection for those who report irregularities, protecting them from possible retaliation by the “reported” following the report, in full compliance with the provisions of the recent Law 179/2017.

CPL CONCORDIA’s Whistleblowing channel is open not only to company employees, but also to all external stakeholders. Unlike normal communication and reporting channels, the Whistleblowing system guarantees total anonymity of the whistleblower, thus avoiding any form of retaliation against the same.

Precisely for these characteristics, the Whistleblowing channel is configured as a central element of the policy of legality and transparency implemented by the Cooperative.

How does it work

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The Whistleblowing channel is exclusively managed by the Chairman of the SB. The activity can be delegated, in a formal way, to any member of the SB as long as it is external to the company. If the Chairman of the SB is not external, he has the obligation to formally delegate the management of the channel to a member of the SB outside the company.

In the case of reports via postal letters, these will be delivered still closed to the chairman of the SB, or to the delegated member.

In the case of e-mails, a special e-mail address has been created whose access credentials are managed in a strictly personal and confidential manner by the Chairman of the SB or by the delegated member.

As a further guarantee for the whistleblower, the email address has been set up on servers external to the company.

Reports can be sent by post to:

Via Grandi, 39 – 41033 Concordia s / S (MO)

or by email to the address: cplwhistleblowing@gmail.com

Reports received

Anno Protocollo Stato di avanzamento
2016 WB2016001 Closed – Actions resolved
2016 WB2016002 Closed – Actions resolved
2017 WB2017001 Not relevant – Archived
2017 WB2017002 Closed – Actions resolved
2017 WB2017003 Closed – Actions resolved
2017 WB2017004 Closed – Actions resolved
2017 WB2017005 Closed – Actions resolved
2019 WB2019001 Not relevant – Archived
2019 WB2019002 Not relevant – Archived
2021 WB2021001 Not relevant – Archived

The progress options are:

  • processing
  • not relevant – archived
  • closed – deliberate actions

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