From grid management to billing management

Thanks to its proven expertise in the management of distribution grids, CPL CONCORDIA offers an extensive range of services, products and software applications to assist multi-utilities in managing all activities connected with the design, construction, operation and maintenance of gas, water and electricity grids.

CPL CONCORDIA makes its expertise available to distribution companies with simple consulting services, and also under energy performance contracts.

CPL CONCORDIA also performs all main activities connected with gas distribution: operation and maintenance of systems, grid inspection, gas odourisation and cathodic protection, emergency service, user helpdesk management on behalf of third parties.

CPL sells and installs residential and industrial gas meters with integrated management and communication systems and compact gas volume converters. Lastly, it designs and develops billing management software, applications interfacing the ERMs of gas selling companies with end users, sales force and Call Centres, management software covering the main requirements of multi-utilities such as general accounting, inventory management, active and passive cycle management, cost controlling and more.

Activities offered by CPL to multi-utilities include:

PRMS in Bellolampo (Palermo, Italy)

Smart Meter production line




Certifications and accreditations