Solutions for Industrial Customers

CPL CONCORDIA offers companies services and products to optimise and monitor consumption and improve energy procurement terms and conditions.

CPL develops an energy procurement strategy that will obtain the best pricing and service available in the market. Firstly, it analyses the energy consumption footprint of a company to perform an initial market analysis, performing a careful analysis of the customer’s energy management and consequently proposing technological solutions aimed at limiting consumption.


Depending on the specific business of each customer – e.g. players of the pharmaceutical, hotel, food, plastic and ceramic industry – CPL can offer solutions ranging from automatic meter reading (remote meter reading and data transmission via GSM/GPRS), to environmental comfort management systems using building automation systems and sensors with customer selectable settings. Thanks to the combined use of numerous solutions proposed by CPL CONCORDIA, it is possible to obtain a significant optimisation of customer consumption through the coordinated use of different solutions.

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50 years of management experience in the field of plant construction and operation means maximum focus on customer needs in a true partnership.


Key solutions offered by CPL to industrial customers include:


Every production business needs energy for its operations. Bills are significant cost items for a company. Reducing energy consumption and using advanced technology results in direct cost savings. CPL offers a customised Energy Management service, setting savings and improvement targets.


To achieve optimal comfort levels inside buildings, avoid energy wastage and limit fuel consumption, CPL offers:

  • Feasibility Study, Design and Construction;
  • Revamping;
  • Operation and Maintenance;
  • Provision of Energy Vectors.


Co-generation is the combined production of electrical and thermal energy. Depending on needs, thermal energy can be used to produce steam and/or hot/chilled water.


Energy savings (fuel reduction);
Cost savings (from 20% to 30%);
Reduction of CO2 emissions;
On-site exchange and dedicated electricity collection.


Service & After Sales:

  • Full service 24/7;
  • Remote plant monitoring;
  • Competence Centre (continuous monitoring of operating results) routine, scheduled and on-call maintenance, total system operation.


  • Heating systems;
  • Air conditioning systems;
  • Air handling systems;
  • Temperature control systems.


CPL CONCORDIA works as an ESCo (Energy Service Company) for public and private customers.
The range of solutions offered includes the Hard Facility Management service, which includes the management, maintenance and control of energy production systems and the distribution of heat and cool air through complex ventilation systems.
The System Sanitisation service is not a new service, it is an annual necessity for all air conditioning systems so that people can work safely, allowing better regulation of the micro climate. The importance of cleaning and sanitising goes beyond the need for a healthy environment. In fact, a clean system absorbs less energy, making it both sanitary and energy efficient.
The maintenance of ventilation systems must be carried out by experienced technicians who work with personal safety systems, guaranteeing both the sanitation of the systems and the non-contamination of the environments where they operate.


MV/LV Systems

  • Maintenance of MV substations;
  • Electrical panel maintenance;
  • Generator maintenance;
  • System automation.


With self-generation of photovoltaic energy, it is possible to reduce:

  • Energy costs;
  • CO2 emissions;
  • Tax expenditure.
    From 2016, companies have been able to take advantage of the “super allowance” of up to 140% by including photovoltaics in their deductible business expenses.



  • Energy consulting;
  • Authorisation and connection practices and GSE (Italian Energy Services Authority);
  • Design and installation;
  • Certification and system testing;
  • Remote production monitoring.


  • Water and fire-fighting systems;
  • Remote system monitoring.


CPL covers the whole chain of methane gas use for end customers up to the realisation of:


LNG can be transported by ship or road and used for industrial sites.

CPL operates through the company POLARGAS in the transport of automotive and industrial fuel:


Maintenance, system management and liaising with the main authorities: GSE, GME, ENEL, TERNA, Customs Agency, etc.

Control Room for system supervision and regulation:

  • HVAC, Co-generation and Tri-generation, Gas Stations, Electrical Installations, Photovoltaic Installations.
  • Emergency Response management;
  • Action Planning.

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