The directors of CPL CONCORDIA

The BoD is the administrative body of CPL CONCORDIA. It represents the Cooperative and is elected by the Members’ Assembly during an ordinary meeting. The Assembly determines its remuneration and responsibilities.

The BoD is responsible for managing the cooperative’s business, defines its strategic, financial and industrial planning in line with its mutual-aid purposes, oversees its implementation and ensures that the management organisation is fit for the purpose. The BoD is also tasked with business planning and monitoring implementation of the directions given.
In accordance with the best principles of corporate governance, the Board of Directors, with a resolution dated 4/8/2016, appointed Mr Pierluigi Capelli as General Manager, who was given all the powers, tasks and legal representation necessary to exercise the ordinary management of the company and implement the Cooperative’s business plan.

On 19/06/2021, the Board of Directors renewed the General Manager’s mandate for the next three years.
The Board Chairman is responsible for well-defined strategic areas, for making the BoD’s policy-making and control functions permanent and organising its work, ensures that information is disseminated and represents the company.

The Directors are appointed on the same date, remain in office for 3 years, and their term of office expires on the same date. They are allowed to serve for 3 terms maximum (9 years), which may also be non-consecutive.

Composition of the Board of Directors

Paolo Barbieri Chairman Member
Samuele Penzo Vice Chairman Member
Andrea Golinelli Director Member
Mirna Gozzi Director Member
Andrea Manni Director Member
Dante Marangoni Director Member
Massimiliano Marzo Director Independent-External
Quinto Michelini Director Independent-External
Chiara Pederzini Director Independent-External

Certifications and accreditations