The governance model of CPL CONCORDIA

The governance model of CPL CONCORDIA is based on the activity and contribution of different bodies, each with its distinct functions and powers, that operate in synergy to lay down policy guidelines for corporate activities, industrial, financial and social strategies, and supervise and monitor their implementation. Their common goal is to improve company services and pursue mutual-aid purposes.

The governance of CPL CONCORDIA has undergone a major revision process that began in 2015 and was completed in 2016 with the appointment by the Board of Directors in the meeting of 4/8/2016 of a General Manager who was given all powers of ordinary management of the company. This made it possible to redefine the tasks, in line with the best governance guidelines for cooperatives, of the Board of Directors emphasising its role as the planning body for the company’s activities and guarantor of their implementation, by monitoring the adequacy of the company’s organisational model.

In this context, the Board Chairman plays an important role. As the task of managing day- to-day operations is entrusted to the General Manager, the Board Chairman is able to focus on business strategy, management control and on the dissemination of information, so as to ensure that the Board fulfils its tasks effectively.

The current governance structure is comprised of:

  • Members’ Meeting – all worker cooperative members may participate by right, investor and honorary members may attend in certain cases
  • Board of Directors – its members are elected during the General Members’ Meeting, it is responsible for planning corporate activities and represents the company
  • Board Chairman – it is appointed by the BoD, ensures compliance with the mutual-aid purposes, continued performance of the BoD’s strategic planning and control duties, and proper dissemination of information
  • General Manager – appointed by the BoD, exercises executive powers and manages day-to-day operations

Supervisory Bodies

  • Board of Statutory Auditors is responsible for monitoring compliance with the law and the cooperative’s Articles of Association, compliance with the principles of proper administration and, in particular, the adequacy of the organisational, administrative and accounting structure
  • Supervisory Board – oversees the implementation of the Organisational model and assesses its effectiveness and ability to prevent offences pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001
  • Auditing Firm – performs regular audits to ensure that the company’s accounting records are duly and properly kept
  • Internal Auditing performs assurance and consulting duties independently and objectively to improve organisation effectiveness and efficiency

Certifications and accreditations