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Corporate Social Responsibility is the commitment to conduct business in an ethically and socially proper manner towards workers, the environment and with respect to safety. The same commitment is required with respect to suppliers, sub-suppliers and subcontractors.

The international standard of reference is SA8000: it allows CPL CONCORDIA to continuously improve working conditions and to demonstrate that its products and services are made respecting workers, the environment and safety, thus ensuring maximum transparency with the stakeholders.


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CPL CONCORDIA Stakeholders

The CPL stakeholders represent all those parties who, on the one hand, influence the activities carried out by the Cooperative with different methods and degrees of intensity, and on the other hand they are influenced by the services and activities that CPL carries out. CPL stakeholders can be divided into:

Cooperative movement
Financial stakeholders
Cooperative shareholders
Public administration
Local region

CPL CONCORDIA System Policies

Learn more about our Integrated Policy

The Integrated Corporate Policy of CPL CONCORDIA Soc. Coop. has been defined by the Management and is constantly reviewed by the same within the framework of the Management Review and in the Sustainability Report, to ensure systematic adherence to the needs of the company’s stakeholders, as well as to reflect its principles, values and strategies.

To view CPL CONCORDIA’s Integrated Policy online, click here. To download the Integrated Policy and save it on your computer, click on the button below.

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