Press Release February 17, 2016

THE NEW COURSE OF CPL CONCORDIA AS AN EXAMPLE OF PROTECTION OF LEGALITY IN COOPERATION   With reference to some considerations expressed during a conference on the Third Sector, the cooperative would like to recall what has been undertaken for the protection of legality. There is, in fact, a CPL of the past and a CPL of the present: on that of the past, some judicial actions have been initiated that are following their course and on which we confirm our full respect and confidence in the judiciary.   Today's CPL is a different company, as the competent bodies, including the Prefecture and Anac, have highlighted, after a scrupulous examination, which have expressed important assessments about the current situation of the company. The lifting of all interdictions against the parent cooperative and its subsidiaries is a further confirmation of the spirit of full legality that is the driving force behind today's CPL.   The rationale of the new CPL is to move from a cooperative focused on the figure of the "boss" to a cooperative focused on people, first and foremost the members. Shareholders who have resolved quickly and courageously the complete renewal of the company's governing bodies, who have approved new and more stringent tools for controlling legality.   This shows that the cooperative has the strength to respond to illegal behaviour. They are mainly the members, but not only. The cooperative world at various levels, from provincial, regional and national, immediately took action to find an answer and a series of solutions to the CPL issue, because What has been done to protect the company and the workers could become an example, a paradigm of the way in which cooperation proceeds in response to a certain type of "deviation". We are talking about zero tolerance towards those who have been guilty of crimes, civil action for violation of the duties imposed by the law and the bylaws, full support for workers and the company for the protection of jobs and protection of a heritage of knowledge and technical and operational skills over a hundred years old in a territory.