Veneto Acque

The company was awarded the contract of the Veneto Region for the design, execution and management of grids, structures and works related to the integrated water service, offering also consulting, study and research services in the context of the reorganisation of the regional aqueduct system.



The Veneto Region is rich in water. This is evident from the distribution of the water catchment points: headwaters in the mountainous area, wells in the belt of springs and surface water from the plains. A distribution linked to the geomorphology of the territory, which provides water of poor quality (surface waters) where consumption is higher. This means that a city like Padua has to draw this precious resource from the wells of Dueville, north of Vicenza, to meet its own needs. Because it is less costly to transport it than to make it drinkable.



This is the situation that CPL CONCORDIA is dealing with as part of the contract it acquired. More specifically, the work concerns sections 7, 8 and 9 of the “Central Veneto Waterworks” with a 33-kilometre path that starts from the interconnection of the A13 motorway with the A4 and travels south to the Municipality of Cavarzere in the province of Venice. CPL laid a 1000/1200 diameter cast iron pipe that obviously ran into many obstacles along its way, the most significant being the Venice-Padua waterway.



With the “Central Veneto Waterworks” project, it was possible to connect the waterworks drawing on the springs in the foothills with the grid of the Padua plain, Chioggia and Polesine. The goal is to achieve greater cost-effectiveness and quality of service by gradually shutting down expensive water purification plants.


Veneto Acque

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