Sassuolo Hospital

The new Hospital in Sassuolo is one of the most modern, best equipped and welcoming structures in the entire Emilia-Romagna region. Built according to the most innovative standards for healthcare facilities in the third millennium, the hospital offers a wide range of services and outpatient and diagnostic activities.



Since 2010 CPL CONCORDIA has been managing the supply of thermal and electrical energy of the new Sassuolo Hospital following the installation of the tri-generation plant, and has also been given responsibility for the management and maintenance of its technological systems. The contract includes:

  • Overall management of energy (electrical, thermal and cooling) and of the air-conditioning systems for the entire hospital
  • Considerable energy savings and therefore financial savings with regard to the electric, thermal and cooling energy used



The management service includes:

  • Emergency service, routine scheduled maintenance and repairs of all technological systems (electrical, air-conditioning, water, etc.)
  • Dedicated Contact Centre available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • Execution of upgrades that involved the construction of a new Tri-generation Plant with a power of 14.17 MWt and 4.79 MWf composed of methane gas heat generators, methane gas co-generator, electric absorption group and high-yield electrical refrigeration units
  • Monthly monitoring of electrical, heating and cooling consumption

CPL CONCORDIA offers the customer full-service maintenance of the plant, including all materials (consumables, spare parts, lubricating oil) and specialised labour:

  • Turnkey supply of the entire plant
  • Design, construction, maintenance and management of the tri-generation plant in an ISO 9001 quality process and ISO 14001 environmental process
  • Customer assistance in all phases of authorisation, implementation and management
  • The integrated system of Supervision, Automation and Consumption Monitoring (BMS) covers all technological systems for the production of heating, cooling and electrical energy and seeks to optimise operations based on actual energy demand



  • Improving Emergency Service and Maintenance
  • Achieving high energy yields with consequent savings in terms of TOE/year


Sassuolo Hospital

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