S.A.Ba.R. landfill

S.A.BA.R. was founded by 8 municipalities in the province of Reggio Emilia to intelligently handle waste management, and represents a choice of transparency with respect to citizens and maximum collaboration with local authorities and supervisory authorities.




The landfill occupies an area of about 500,000 square metres and is able to receive about 2.5 million m3 of waste. The centre accepts solid urban waste that produce biogas during decomposition. This gas is captured and used for the production of electricity through co-generation modules.



The biogas deriving from the fermentation processes of the waste is used as fuel to produce energy. The biogas is captured in reservoirs and channelled into the co-generation plant where it is used for the production of electricity and heat. With this 4 MWe plant the heat is used to warm 5,000 square metres of greenhouses for the cultivation of basil and for the heating of the nearby buildings (offices and warehouses) through the district heating grid, while the electricity produced net of the plant’s own energy needs is sold to the electrical grid.
With more than 35 years of experience and over 500 installed plants, CPL is the most reliable partner for the construction and maintenance of co-generation plants fuelled by methane and biogas, able to ensure the best management and maintenance performance to maximise energy efficiency and profit for the benefit of customers and their businesses.



For S.A.BA.R. the use of biogas offers an essential environmental benefit as it seeks to implement its own environmental policy of providing sustainable electricity to citizens.


S.A.Ba.R. landfill

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