Roma Tre University Campus

The Roma Tre University was founded in 1992 and therefore is the “youngest” university in Rome and has 40,000 registered students. There are 12 departments that offer bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, advanced courses, research doctorates, doctoral schools and specialisation schools.



The customer’s need was to control and rationalise the university’s consumption in order to identify the actions necessary to improve the energy class of the buildings assessed. The campus consists of 8 faculties and 29 departments for a total area of over 220,000 square metres and an installed thermal power of over 25 Megawatts.



CPL CONCORDIA implemented:

  • An innovative system to monitor climate and environmental parameters and sources of electricity, integrating HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) that are already present with new systems and with modern analysers of the university’s electricity network
  • A system for monitoring and diagnosing water leaks using modern flow meters equipped with data-loggers that allow assessing anomalous consumption and the periodic drafting of a “water budget” of the systems



The monitoring system makes it possible to know:

  • The overall use of electricity, providing hourly curves, duration curves, the seasonality of energy use. This allows the university administration to negotiate the best energy supply contract
  • The distribution of the flow of electricity to the various users, thus making it possible to identify investments to improve energy efficiency


Roma Tre University Campus

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