Pontedera Hospital

The Felice Lotti hospital in Pontedera, one of the structures of the Northwest Tuscany health service, is located in the urban part of the city. It is divided into various pavilions, has a capacity of about 300 beds and serves a population of about 110,000 inhabitants.



As part of its programme, the Tuscany Region has planned a gradual restructuring of the Pontedera Hospital with the construction of two new pavilions, as well as the restructuring and expansion of the infrastructure with particular attention to heating and electrical systems.



The Heat Management service offered by CPL CONCORDIA includes:

  • Restructuring and renovation of the central heating plant
  • Installation of two instantaneous steam generators to meet the hospital’s needs for sterilisation, humidification and cooking
  • Construction of a new MV/LV transformer substation to be installed near the two new pavilions
  • Installation of two new backbones for the distribution of “hot/cold” transfer fluids to power the new pavilions and the gradually restructured systems through dedicated substations



  • Installation of new domestic hot water sources equipped with a chlorine dioxide production and feeding system that eliminates the risk of legionella pneumophila throughout the entire circuit
  • Complete reconstruction of the electrical systems and subsequent installation of a supervising and control system that allows the management of both the central heating plant and all the systems that will gradually be restructured
  • Economic savings
  • Optimal comfort


Pontedera Hospital

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