Pesaro Scholastic Campus

The Pesaro Scholastic Campus is made up of a large area where there are three higher learning institutions that host over 4,000 students, about 70% of them from the province of Pesaro and Urbino.



Since 2002, within a temporary association of companies (ATI), CPL CONCORDIA has been managing the Global Service of the Province of Pesaro and set up a district heating grid for the Pesaro Scholastic Campus. The works involved:

  • Centralisation of the heating system
  • The construction of a new central heating plant
  • The renovation of two substations and their connection via a new district heating grid
  • Adduction of the new methane pipeline
  • The installation of a new reduction station



From the plant there are 4 lines of insulated pipes (150 mm), two for delivery and two for return, which run underground at a depth of 1.5 metres and connect the substations of the respective higher learning institutions. These lines, designed to transport water produced by the central heating plant, have a total length of about 1,200 metres. Since the planning phase, one of the most important aspects being considered was the problem of compensating expansion which was resolved with a very complex system of deviations of the pipes.
The total installed capacity is 6 MW distributed over 3 boilers, associated with 3 modulating burners with active combustion control.



On an environmental level, the centralisation of the production of the energy carrier was particularly significant, even more so considering that this led to the transformation of the last central heating plant owned by the province to a methane system, as it was still running on fuel oil. This work included a new central heating plant, new substations, a district heating grid, a gas supply grid and a reduction station.


Pesaro Scholastic Campus

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