Music Park Auditorium

From its inauguration on 21 December 2002, the Music Park Auditorium has played a key role in the cultural life of the city of Rome and the country offering quality performances and attracting large crowds.
Every year more than a million people, including spectators and participants in the various initiatives, visit the complex managed by the Fondazione Musica per Roma.



The Auditorium, designed by Renzo Piano, is the largest of its kind in Europe and one of the 10 most important in the world: it stands on an area of 55,000 square metres, with 500,000 cubic metres indoors, 40,000 square metres of piazzas and gardens and 42,000 square metres of services. The three halls of 2,800, 1,200 and 700 seats stand out for their architectural design, constituting three large harmonic boxes with acoustic and lighting systems that can be adapted to the most diverse needs.



CPL CONCORDIA manages the works and preventive maintenance of the technological systems, the elevators, the landscaping and the maintenance of the civil works. The maintenance managed by CPL CONCORDIA includes:

  • Electrical and air conditioning systems
  • Fire-prevention and water systems
  • Lifts and freight elevators
  • Maintenance of civil works
  • Landscaping


The CPL CONCORDIA Energy Service is able to:

  • Ensure ambient comfort through a rational use of energy
  • Maintain high safety and environmental protection standards
  • Provide for the improvement of the process of transformation and use of energy
  • Financial and CO2 savings through optimised energy management


Music Park Auditorium

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