Municipality of Ravenna

It is an Italian municipality of 164,854 inhabitants. It is the largest and historically most important city in the area of Romagna. It is the second largest municipality in Italy for surface area, surpassed only by Rome, and includes nine villages of the Romagna Riviera. Since 1996 the Paleochristian monuments of Ravenna have been included in UNESCO’s list of Italian heritage sites.



Since 2013, within a temporary association of companies (ATI), CPL has been managing the municipal public lighting, traffic lights and technological systems of the Municipality of Ravenna. The works concerned the total upgrading of municipal public lighting through:

  • Use of high efficiency light sources
  • Management and monitoring equipment and components for energy efficiency
  • Upgrading of the systems and their optimisation



The service of managing public lighting and special systems in the territory of Ravenna includes:

  • Supply of electricity
  • Ordinary and scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Supervision service
  • Emergency repairs
  • Maintenance and management of technological systems
  • Upgrading of LED lights
  • Executive design and implementation of initial works for increased energy efficiency and regulatory compliance
    It is a large contract: 159,911 inhabitants and almost 36,800 lighting fixtures.



The main advantages obtained with the upgrading of public lighting systems are:

  • Increased service level
  • Rational use of energy through the elimination of inadequate, inefficient and obsolete technologies
  • Upgrading fixtures to make them compliant with regulations
  • Reduction of climate-altering substances

The integrated services offered by CPL CONCORDIA help meet Kyoto Protocol requirements. The lighting system is powered by 450 meters and 900 electric panels, with an annual energy consumption reduced by 35% from the beginning of the contract.


Municipality of Ravenna

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