Municipality of Castellalto

Castellalto is a town of 7,500 inhabitants in the province of Teramo, in Abruzzo. The municipality is part of the mountain community of Vomano, Fino and Piomba. The capital is situated at the top of a hill in a panoramic position, along the ridge between the Tordino valleys and the Vomano valley.



The Municipality of Castellalto’s lighting system requires an electrical power of about 540 kW to supply 1,423 lighting fixtures. The needs related to the plant were as follows:

  • Supply of electricity
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and operation of public lighting systems
  • Regulatory and technological upgrading of systems through the use of high efficiency light sources
  • Management and control equipment and components for achieving energy savings in compliance with EU directives



The project for upgrading the plants included activities aimed at:

  • Restoring the operating safety conditions
  • Ensuring greater energy efficiency (installation of high efficiency lamps, use of flow reduction panels, installation of photovoltaic sources)
  • Ensure an adequate management service thanks to a remote monitoring system
  • Optimise the aesthetic and environmental impact of the public lighting system



  • Scheduled and predictive maintenance based on the computerisation of public lighting systems
  • On-call technicians and emergency service
  • Energy savings – with the same lighting performance – that allows for the amortisation of the costs of upgrading and complying with regulations
  • Increased system safety thanks to an in-depth analysis of the status of each individual lighting fixture


Municipality of Castellalto

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