Modena Hospital

The University Hospital of Modena is one of the two providers of health services in Modena and is concentrated in a single structure, the city’s historic University Hospital. The hospital covers an area of more than 144,000 square metres.



The hospital has more than 1,800 fan coils and about 100 air handling units (AHU). The customer needed integrated maintenance and management for all the plants.



The nine-year contract with the hospital involves the provision of services and works related to electrical, mechanical, fire-prevention, building and lift systems (without fuel supply) of the hospital itself and related facilities (clinics and external sites).

The integrated system of Supervision, Automation and Consumption Monitoring (BMS) covers all technological systems for the production of heating, cooling and electrical energy and seeks to optimise operations based on actual energy demand.



Through an integrated management of the plants, the customer has achieved important objectives:

  • Rational and controlled use of energy with superior comfort levels
  • Improvement of the transformation and use of energy thanks to the renovation of central heating plants
  • Economic savings and reduction of CO2 emissions against the inclusion of co-generation and tri-generation modules


Modena Hospital

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