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Founded in 2002, HERA was the first national experience aggregating municipal companies (11, operating in Emilia-Romagna) to create a single multi-utility. More than 8,500 employees work in the Group, committed every day to meeting the multiple needs of over 3.5 million citizens.



On the basis of the current UNI 7133 2014 standard, which regulates the odourisation of natural gas for public and private utilities, INRETE DISTRIBUZIONE (formerly HERA GROUP) sought a company that could offer complete service solutions to avoid the use of its own resources.


ODOGAS from CPL CONCORDIA is an advanced odourising system, that offers:

  • The upgrading of odourisation systems
  • The installation of electronic levels on odourising plants and devices for transmitting data to the monitoring system
  • The supply of odourising products, including transport and loading of the plants, without involving the customer’s personnel
  • The tuning of the plants, both evaporation and injection types
  • The verification of the maintenance of the correct rate of odourisation exiting the distribution systems based on the consumption of odourant and the gas
  • Ordinary maintenance of odourisation plants and emergency service in case of breakdown or malfunction
  • The formal measurement of the odourisation rate at the critical points of the grid codified by the customer
  • The publication of all sensitive data related to odourisation on the web portal to allow viewing by the customer



The system made available with the service automatically performs the functions necessary for the proper monitoring of the plants. In particular, the system communicates with the peripherals installed in the field through two different channels: text messages and direct connection via FTP. The data transmitted refer to the quantities that directly influence the odourisation of the gas (for example, the instantaneous gas flow rate, the quantity of odourant present in the system, the alarm for insufficient odourisation, etc.).


HERA Group

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