DP Lubrificanti

Located 40 km south of Rome, the company produces biodiesel that it sells in Italy and exports to Germany, France, Greece, Croatia and other European countries.
With its capacity of 160,000 tonnes/year, the Aprilia plant mainly processes waste oils from recovered refined vegetable oils used in frying.
Thanks to the Company’s technology, the use of these raw materials allows the production of biodiesel with total sustainability, the only one to do so in the biodiesel market (EEC Commission).



The annual energy needs of the DP Lubrificanti S.r.l. plant are equal to 6,750 MWh of electricity and 44,018 MWh of thermal energy in the form of steam and hot water, used for the facility’s production.



The remote monitoring system has been customised directly by CPL CONCORDIA based on the customer’s needs in order to assume the characteristics of a multifunctional system that allows an integrated management of the systems, being able to coexist with the existing remote monitoring system.
The tool used by CPL CONCORDIA consists of a programmable logic controller (PLC) with a flexible and powerful system able to control a wide variety of devices and to respond to the most varied customer needs.



  • Energy savings: the co-generation plant has made it possible to reduce the purchase of electricity from the grid to a minimum and the total recovery of thermal energy produced by the engine. This has reduced energy costs by 15%
  • Improvement of plant safety and reliability
  • Simplification of system management with regard to the setting of operating parameters, the scheduling of system start-ups and shutdowns, and setting circuit setpoints.


DP Lubrificanti

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