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The Rome University CUS organises activities in various sports facilities located in the city. The campuses managed by Rome CUS are considered among the most complete and prestigious in Europe.



CPL CONCORDIA built a co-generation plant with an electrical capacity of 60 kW and 120 kW of thermal power, fuelled with a methane-hydrogen mixture.



It will be an energy supply system developed as part of the “joint lab” programme of Sapienza Innovazione financed by the Lazio Region, which will have the characteristics of a plant-laboratory.
The electric energy will almost meet the full demand of the sports centre, while the thermal energy will be used together with that of the central heating plant for the production of hot water, for thermo-ventilation and for the maintenance of the covered pool water temperature. This will allow an energy savings of 25%.
CPL CONCORDIA offers the customer full-service maintenance of the plant , including all materials (consumables, spare parts, lubricating oil) and specialised



The revolution lies in fuelling the co-generator with a mixture of hydrogen (hydromethane) having a modular composition (in the range 0-10% by volume) with a reduction in atmospheric emissions between 15% and 20%. Hydrogen will be obtained by photo-electrolysis of the water through an electrolyser. The power supply for the operation of the electrolyser is produced by a system of photovoltaic panels. This La Sapienza University plant-laboratory, in addition to allowing a reduction in the energy bill, is able to analyse the engine performance and the emissions of greenhouse gases, then providing the technical specifications for the large-scale construction of turnkey systems.


CUS University La Sapienza

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