Bioenergy Parks

The efforts of some entrepreneurs in the province of Ferrara have led to the construction of the country’s largest biogas energy park fuelled by agricultural biomass.



The goal of this impressive technological achievement was to construct a state-of-the-art and highly profitable campus for the production of biogas energy. The project ensures not only the direct involvement of the local farmers, but also guarantees the acquisition of the goods for 15 years at the prices set by the cereals market in the Bologna Stock Exchange.



Bioenergy Parks is situated on a plot of nine hectares and consists of four 1 MWe plants for a total of 4 MWe of installed power, fuelled by biogas coming from the anaerobic digestion of agricultural biomass (corn, sorghum, triticale). The plants have four GE JGS 320 co-generation modules capable of generating 999 kWe each, installed in outdoor soundproof containers complete with auxiliary components, electrical panel and electrical/mechanical interfacing systems.
With more than 35 years of experience and over 500 installed plants, CPL is the most reliable partner for the construction and maintenance of co-generation plants fuelled by methane and biogas, able to ensure the best management and maintenance performance to maximise energy efficiency and profit for the benefit of customers and their businesses.



Attention to the environment and incentives for agricultural production, starting with zero emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere guaranteed by the virtuous mechanism that is created between the operation of the four plants and the cultivation of plants.


Bioenergy Parks

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