ATER Municipality of Rome

Aziende Territoriali per l’Edilizia Residenziale Pubblica (ATER) seeks to design structures able to cope with new housing emergencies and to lay the foundations for a new housing model, even through larger operational spaces.



ATER in Rome has entrusted the management of heating systems of its real estate assets to ATI CPL CONCORDIA. Everyone knows that to heat the buildings we live in, large quantities of fuels are burned that cause the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. ATER wanted to reduce emissions into the atmosphere and energy consumption, and so in recent years it decided to introduce the use of thermostatic valves and electronic splitters.



Electronic splitters make it possible to read the consumption of the radiators they are installed on. The splitter operates with its own power supply independent of the grid and performs continuous self-monitoring. The thermostatic valve automatically adjusts the flow of hot water into the radiator in order to keep the temperature in every room constant.



The benefits are:

  • Comfort
  • Energy savings
  • Independent heat management (each radiator can be managed independently)

The appropriate use of thermostatic valves by tenants benefits the environment, but also allows for substantial financial savings of around 10%-20%.


ATER Municipality of Rome

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