ALER of Milan

ALER in Milan has adopted this name in implementation of the Law of the Lombardy Region no. 13 of 1996 that transformed Istituti Autonomi Case Popolari into a company. In 100 years of construction activity, the Institute has built a legacy in public housing that is unrivalled by other European companies in the sector: about 72,000 properties owned and the same number sold in the period.



14,500 lodgings in 227 buildings: these are the numbers of ALER in Milan, which has announced a call for tenders for the management of its 36 central heating plants with medium-large power boilers (typically 3 or 4 from 500 to 2500 KW PTN).



  • Management and maintenance of central heating plants with the support of the dedicated Contact Centre. CPL CONCORDIA gathers reports and offers effective and efficient communication both with the customer and with the end user
  • The Contact Centre is connected to an activity planning system (capable of creating calendars for maintenance personnel) and to the plant remote monitoring system. Any faults and malfunctions appear on the operator’s video, who then in real time assigns the service request to the technician, thus ensuring round-the-clock service
  • Supply of methane gas at competitive prices: By buying large volumes of methane, CPL CONCORDIA is able to offer fuel to its customers at a very competitive price



  • Lower management and maintenance costs on boilers, burners and plants
  • Reduction of service times in the event of malfunctions, optimisation of temperatures based on actual daily schedules, reduction of consumption and polluting emissions
  • Improved comfort of end users, the families living in ALER buildings


ALER of Milan

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