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The main use of Biomethane in the coming years will be for motor vehicles, both in the form of CNG and LNG. Injection into grids is only one of the possible uses for biomethane.
When there are no gas distribution/transport grids at the production site, the biomethane produced can be stored in tube skids and used at CNG service stations. Alternately, biomethane can be liquefied to produce BIO-LNG and transported in cryogenic tank trucks.
Today the technology is mature, and thanks to its many years of experience in the industry, CPL CONCORDIA is ready to assist you in this change process and advise you on the evolution of eco-sustainable transport.


CPL CONCORDIA is engaged in developing the market for liquefied natural gas as automotive fuel at service stations. International politics have laid down a strategy to reduce pollution from transport. This strategy has been transposed in the European Directive “DAFI” (Directive Alternative Fuel Initiative). This directive defines the core principles for the creation of infrastructures to support the development of service stations with charging points for electric cars, or LPG systems, or liquefied natural gas systems to refuel cars (L-CNG compressed gas) and heavy-duty vehicles equipped with cryogenic tanks (L-LNG delivery in liquid state).

CPL CONCORDIA is focused on expanding the liquefied natural gas business with the support of its subsidiary POLARGAS, the first Italian company dedicated to supplying and transporting LNG to collection and storage plants.
POLARGAS transports LNG imported from France (Marseille terminal) and Spain (Barcelona and Sagunto-Valencia terminals) nationwide with its own cryogenic tank trucks.
BIO-LNG growth will represent an efficient alternative to current fuel options, promoting the construction of service stations in geographic areas that are too far from terminals and cannot be reached now. This will lead to the development of a network of points of sale throughout Italy and help eco-sustainable transport grow.

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