Biomethane production plant

The production of biomethane consists in three steps: pre-treatment, upgrading, post-treatment.

  • Pre-treatment is a phase in which biogas is cleaned from contaminants, mainly sulphuric acid and ammonia. Biogas is dehydrated through a cooling process
  • The upgrading process basically consists in eliminating CO2 after the pre-treatment process. There are several CO2 capture technologies on the market, each with different specific technological characteristics and dedicated applications according to the type of biogas to be treated.
    Among the technologies available in the market, noteworthy are PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption), membrane separation and physicochemical reagents.
    CPL CONCORDIA, after an in-depth analysis, can advise customers on the ideal technology solution for the specific process. The product obtained after this step is biomethane.
  •  During post-treatment, methane is completely dehydrated using a technology involving molecular sieves. Lastly, the product is made to flow through activated carbon, which traps any pollutant residues left after the previous purification stage.
    The biomethane obtained is now analysed by a sampling system and, if found to be conforming to standard UNI 11537, measured, compressed (if necessary) and odourised in accordance with standard UNI 7133. Non-conforming product is re-introduced into the treatment process for further refining.
    Injection into the grid is only one of the possible uses of the biomethane produced. It can also be stored in tube skids and distributed to service stations or liquefied to obtain Bio-LNG.

Biomethane Injection Station

Before it can be used, biomethane needs to be analysed, filtered, measured and regulated or compressed and finally odourised. These processes guarantee that the quality parameters required by applicable regulations are met. Based on its many years of experience with natural gas obtained from fossil source, CPL CONCORDIA has selected the best technologies in the market and implemented its product range in order to develop a biomethane injection station capable of providing the required quality and uninterrupted operation. In addition, our Control Room remotely controls the plant monitoring characteristic parameters and operation, and alerts field service technicians of any abnormal conditions so they can respond promptly on site.

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