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ATEX 2014/34/EU

This is a “product” directive issued by the European Union on 26 February 2014 and transposed into Italian law by Legislative Decree no. 85/2016. It concerns production quality certification for manufacturers of equipment designed to operate in areas with potentially explosive atmosphere, and ensures that such equipment is safe and fit for installation and operation in places where an explosion hazard exists.

First obtained in: 2010

Certificate expires in: August 2025


IECEx Quality

This is an international certification created by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) aimed at facilitating the trade and sale of Atex products throughout the world.

First obtained in: 2016

Certificate expires in: August 2025


Certification to PED Directive 2014/68/EU MOD.B+D

This directive applies to pressure equipment and assemblies of pressure equipment that are new to the Union market at the time they are distributed, i.e. new equipment built by manufacturers based in the EU, or new or used equipment or assemblies imported from non-EU countries.

First obtained in: 2013

Certificate expires in: May 2025


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