Remote Water Monitoring

CPL CONCORDIA offers extensive support to entities who wish to have more control over water consumption and extraction, with special regard to Hydroelectric Power Plants, industrial utilities and distribution grid. Remote water service monitoring is guaranteed through products, services and software specifically developed to meet the specific needs of different users.

Explore the solutions for Remote Water Monitoring

Water purification plants require an efficient and secure remote monitoring system that guarantees high availability and security of communications, not to mention efficiency in daily work. Visit the section dedicated to the remote monitoring of water purification plants and explore all the available solutions.

Hydroelectric Power Plants require a remote monitoring system to ensure the optimisation of their operations and compliance with strict environmental protection regulations. Explore the products, services and software for the Remote Monitoring of Hydroelectric Power Plants. 

Discover all the products, services and software offered by CPL CONCORDIA to Industrial Customers interested in the remote monitoring of water consumption and extraction.

The difficulty of management and the need to prevent risks linked to hidden leaks in the Water Distribution Grid make it necessary to implement a remote monitoring system that is easy to install and maintain. Explore the solutions, services and software designed for remote monitoring of the water distribution network.

Control Room

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