Solutions for water service

We offer management solutions for the entire supply chain of integrated water management, ranging from water extraction monitoring to SCADA systems for remote purification monitoring and pump control

The technology

CPL offers programmable systems for system monitoring and control.

The advantages

Monitoring systems provide optimised activity management as they anticipate potential issues before onset. In addition, remote monitoring systems allow for accurate integrated water management, with significant energy savings as a function of managed volumes.

Typical examples of monitoring and remote monitoring applications are as follows:

  • Monitoring operating pressures based on required outputs to reduce electricity waste
  • Monitoring the efficiency of the electric motors of pumps can help identify issues connected with equipment ageing / efficiency and provide indications as to the ideal time for maintenance / replacement
  • Verification of water leaks by introducing electronic metering systems and process meters in the branches of the water distribution grid and in utility meters
  • Introducing level sensors in the purification section enables monitoring of sewage pipelines, so as to identify abnormally rising levels due to runoff or illegal discharges, or clogged pipelines
  • Analysis of sewer levels to anticipate possible problems with purification plants, such as an excess of oily substances that may adversely affect the efficiency of biological oxidation systems
  • Analysing sewer levels may help activate level spillways only at the ideal time, to reduce damage to purification plants or avoid activating level spillways when sewage system and purification plants can manage to handle waste water on their own.

The offer

CPL designs and develops auxiliary monitoring and remote monitoring systems dedicated to water service integrated management.
In addition to proprietary systems, they can integrate with existing systems or use products of other brands to implement comprehensive, effective projects.

Our technicians are capable of analysing customer needs and suggest tailored solutions to improve and streamline service management.

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